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Utilities Efficiency

Utilities bring efficiency forward in the energy world.

Help Your Community Conserve.

Enalasys has been functioning as a Verification Services Provider (VSP) since 2001. Enalasys works with utilities in creating incentive programs for improving the operation of Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems in their service territories. These programs currently consist of optimizing the refrigerant charge and air flow across the air handler’s Refrigerant Coil (RCA), and the sealing of the duct distribution system to specified minimum leakage levels.

The Verification Services Provider recruits, trains and mentors HVAC contractors on how to use diagnostic testing equipment for improving their work on HVAC systems. The contractors can then market themselves as providing this service to their existing customer base as well as advertising to obtain additional customers for this service.

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Best Practices for Energy Efficiency

Research Energy Efficiency Programs available today. Energy efficiency programs have been implemented by various organizations for over twenty-five years.

Programs have evolved and improved by taking advantage of both formal and informal communication of program features and lessons learned. The Energy Efficiency Best Practices Project seeks to build off this experience and knowledge by establishing a structure for analyzing and communicating best practices to help meets today’s complex energy challenges.

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