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ComfortPulse™ Adaptive Climate Response

Upgrade HVAC Equipment to Real Time Adaptive Speed and Save Significant Energy

The ComfortPulse™ Adaptive Climate Response System represents a revolution in fractional horsepower motor control. Through its patented Optical Programming™, the ComfortPulse™ intelligently matches fan speed in real time to actual BTU output which maximizes indoor comfort and delivers system wide energy savings of 20%* or more.

ComfortPulse™ has a universal design which allows for the easy, cost effective upgrade of many different types of new or existing furnaces, air conditioners or heat pumps using AC induction fan motors under 2 horsepower. Whether a residential split system, light commercial RTU, PTAC or PTHP, the ComfortPulse™ will optimize air distribution to more closely maintain thermostat set-point, reduce uncomfortable hot and cold spots and save significant amounts of energy by decreasing compressor runtime duration and frequency.

What Will Your Customers Save?

Feature → Benefit:

  • More Efficient Control of Fan Speed → Huge kWh Electrical Energy Savings
  • Adaptive Match of Fan Speed/BTU Output → Improved Indoor Climate and Comfort
  • Soft Start Motor → Reduces kW Demand
  • Anti-Stall → Prevents Stalling at Low RPM
  • Temperature Sensor and Connections → Measures, Tracks and Responds in Real Time
  • Idle Speed with Gentle Ramp Up/Down → Reduces Noise, Saves Energy and Improves Air Quality
  • Manual / Auto Switch → Auto Temperature Mode or Override w/ Manual Dial
  • Additional Inputs Available → Ability to Accept and Blend Other Sensors as Needed
  • Bypass Safety Switch → Returns Unit to Original State Prior to ComfortPulse™


  • Power Input Range: 110-240 VAC, 60 Hz, 1-12 Amps, 30-1400 Watts
  • Power Output Range: 110-240 VAC, 15-60 Hz, 1-12 Amps, 30-1400 Watts
  • Electrical Control Input: Low Power; 0-10 Volts; 4-20 ma
  • Sensor Control Inputs: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, and Others

*Assumes HVAC Equipment is in good working condition.