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Third Party Quality Control Program (TPQCP)

Welcome to the "One in Thirty" - (TPQCP) Third Party Quality Control Program

We offer the following:

  • Online Permitting including Payment and Authorization. learn more
  • Paperless submission of all CF forms required by the CEC.
  • Immediate web-based access to results by program partners.
  • Assurance that participating contractors are complying with Title 24 laws.

In 2006, the California Energy Commission approved the HomeEnalasys™ Third Party Quality Control Program (TPQCP), developed by Enalasys Corporation which allows one out of every thirty HVAC jobs to be verified by a an independent HERS Rater compared to one out of every seven jobs. On July 22, 2014 Enalasys was re-certified as a Third-Party Quality Control Program under the providership of US Energy Raters Association.

Because of our cutting edge, patented tamper proof technology, HVAC contractors can be more efficient and compliant in their alteration and installation of HVAC energy units.

"HERS raters are to be considered special inspectors by enforcement agencies and shall demonstrate competence, to the satisfaction of the enforcement agency, to conduct the required visual inspections and diagnostic testing of the regulated energy efficiency features installed in the dwelling."


Your department is required to comply with Title 24 laws. Enalasys has created a unique and powerful tool for you to save time, increase revenue, and encourage compliance among contractors performing alterations.

We know that once you try using the eOne Platform, you will wonder how you ever did your job without it.

Click Here for more information about how you can get started.