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Who We Are

Enalasys Corporation is one of the leading companies working with utilities implementing and managing large energy efficiency programs. We provide measurement and data verification services, enabling contractors, utilities and government agencies to work toward meeting their energy efficiency goals. Enalasys provides intelligent diagnostic verification software and sophisticated data gathering solutions that manage and allow utilities to maximize their energy efficiency and demand response programs.

In addition to working with utilities, Enalasys offers unique investment and training opportunities for contractors through a variety of services and access to advanced equipment and technologies. Training is provided on new diagnostic and measurement equipment and technologies, data collection, diagnosis of system applications in homes and small commercial facilities, repair and maintenance of systems and use of the Enalasys software platform.

Enalasys has developed and patented core technologies like the eOne Portal™ (a proprietary data platform), that is widely used among utilities. greenNet.com™ hosts the
eOne Portal™, bringing the first Third Party Quality Control Program (approved by the California Energy Commission) and is believed to be the only one of its kind in the nation. Enalasys and its partners benefit from expense savings in areas such as warranty costs, claims and call-backs while increasing consumer satisfaction. This diagnostic data collection process makes it possible to develop and manage mass-market transformation programs, reports and process rebates faster and more accurately than any other program in the country.

Mission Statement

  • TO SERVE our customers by providing energy efficient, innovative products and services of high quality.
  • TO BUILD a relationship with our customers that extends beyond product sales to include full and honest dialogue, responsiveness to feedback, and the exchange of information about our products and related issues.
  • TO RESPECT, VALUE, AND SERVE not only our customers, but also our co-workers, suppliers, and others who we conduct business, and our community; to be concerned about and contribute to their well-being, and to operate with integrity so as to be deserving of their trust.
  • TO PROVIDE meaningful work, fair compensation, and a safe, healthy work environment that encourages openness, creativity, self-discipline, and growth.

Values Statement

  • WE BELIEVE that both human beings and nature have inherent worth and deserve our respect.
  • WE BELIEVE in products and systems that are safe, effective and have as minimal impact on the environment as possible.
  • WE BELIEVE that our company and our products are unique and worthwhile, and that we can sustain these genuine qualities with an ongoing commitment to creativity and innovation.
  • WE BELIEVE that our company can be financially successful while behaving in a socially responsible and environmentally sensitive manner.

Company Objectives

  • DEVELOP world class Verification Service Provider Programs for the utilities, homebuilders, OEMs, etc.
  • PIONEER technologies that improve the quality of the indoor environment, while increasing the energy efficiency of the home or building.
  • BUILD a dynamic, well-respected distribution network with utilities, contractors, and licensees.
  • PROVIDE demand and supply side energy management business strategies to utilities and government agencies.
  • DELIVER the eOne platform (Database system) that collects data from the Company’s portable diagnostic products that contractors use, and permanently install monitoring and energy management products that business and homeowners will use, thus facilitating the dissemination and delivery of intelligent data.