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What We Do

Research and Development of New Products and Technologies

Enalasys will work with utility program teams to research, test and bring new products and technologies into their portfolios. Enalasys routinely conducts market research while working with key manufacturers on the design and development of new energy saving products and diagnostic and measurement technologies.

Program Management

Enalasys will work with utilities and program implementers on all elements of program management. This includes program design, implementation, development of written policies and procedures, ongoing program management, quality assurance, third party quality control and reporting. The HVAC and Whole Home expertise we possess has led to the successful implementation of utility programs and energy savings goals for numerous Best in Class utility HVAC programs.

Program Data Management and Verification

Utilizing the most sophisticated data collection and verification software and practices, Enalasys provides utilities with state of the art data management tools. These tools provide real time data gathering solutions and verification services that allow utilities to maximize energy savings while documenting all facets of data management. Enalasys also provides auditing services that are used to validate jobs performed by contractors to insure quality service and performance of work.

Measurement and Evaluation

Through our sophisticated data collection process, we provide utilities with tools to measure energy savings and validate program results to meet Measurement and Evaluation standards and methodologies. Our HVAC and whole house industry experts are utilized to provide technical support and ongoing feedback in the preparation and review of M&V reports and studies. Our expansive database capabilities provides volumes of real time data that supports energy savings claims to help in the M&V study of energy efficiency including HVAC and Whole House.

HVAC Consulting, Education and Training

Enalasys provides general HVAC and Whole House utility consulting, contractor education and training for all aspects of program design, implementation and ongoing management of utility programs. Our program experts provide education and training in the use of diagnostic and measurement equipment, data collection processes, diagnosis of systems applications, repair and maintenance of systems in residential homes and small commercial facilities.