• What is Enalasys?

    What is Enalasys?

    Who We Are

    Enalasys works with contractors, builders, and local & state
    governments to create programs that promote energy conservation.

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  • Program Analysis

    Program Analysis

    Professional Services

    Enalasys participating contractors submit over 300 tests daily.
    Over 87% of the HVAC systems tested required adjustment.

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  • Improving Efficiency

    Improving Efficiency

    Utilities Efficiency

    Enalasys provides measurement & data verification services,
    aiding contractors, utilities, and government agencies in
    their energy efficiency efforts.

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  • Diagnostic Verification

    Diagnostic Verification

    What We Do

    Enalasys provides intelligent diagnostic verification software and total
    data gathering solutions that manage and maximize energy efficiency
    and demand/supply side power usage and resource allocation.

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  • Online Access

    Online Access

    HVAC Permitting

    Our fully automated diagnostic technology detects the efficiency of
    duct-work and HVAC units, places test results into state mandated
    forms, and registers them online, all with a click of your mouse.

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  • Working Together

    Working Together

    TPQCP Program

    With Enalasys, you will be part of a family committed to helping
    you succeed. We believe that by working together, we can save
    energy, time & money, preserving our world for tomorrow.

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At the core of the Enalasys business structure and competency is the most sophisticated diagnostic and data collection platform in the world, known as the eOne Portal™. All three of the Investor Owned Utilities in CA, as well as the master administrators (i.e. CSG, Kema, and Enalasys) use this sophisticated diagnostic data collection process. This enables Enalasys and partners to run and manage mass market energy efficiency programs and report on these programs at near real time.
  • Helping You

    Enalasys was founded with the sole intention of helping our clients become more efficient, at the same time, preserving our earth and utilizing its natural resources.

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  • Resources

    Check out our Resources & Useful Links page, dedicated to making sure everyone from Homeowners to Contractors & Builders get the most current information.

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  • Our Partners

    We not only have one of the best teams in the industry...we've also surrounded ourselves with some companies and partners leading in their respective fields.

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